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outdoor cooling

Outdoor Cooling

People misting

On the hot days of summer, we are all trying to find ways to stay cool. One of the solutions for this challenge is an outdoor cooling system from Miatech. Operating under high pressure, it releases millions of water droplets into the air, whose diameter is smaller than that of human hair. These water droplets work almost like magic. Temperatures in the system operating area drop as much as 15°C (25°F), thanks to the evaporative cooling of the mist. Mist released by the system evaporates before making contact with anything, so people in cooled areas will feel only pleasant temperatures, not moisture!

With the installation of outdoor cooling systems, businesses can attract customers in conditions that would otherwise be intolerable, turning any hot environment into a cool, relaxing, and profitable environment. 

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Equipment in Use

outdoor cooling

Cleans the air from dust, odor, microorganisms and smoke


people cooling

Creates refreshing atmosphere


people misting system

Helps against flies, mosquitoes and other insects